Example scenario:

    There are bookstore applications with the ability to order in an authorized area. For him, these scenarios would be:


    -> log in successfully and unsuccessfully (for example, enter the wrong password),


    -> choose book (from search or catalogue),


    -> go to the basket and place an order with payment.


    Plus various combinations reflecting the critical paths of the application.


    Component checks

    We take each feature screen and screen element, work with it as with an independent one. We completely cover it with checks: for example, if we are dealing with a field, we must check its display, restriction on input characters, validation, and so on.


    Let's briefly touch on how to break a feature into detailed components.


    Mobile applications consist of screens, curtains, pop-ups, input fields, buttons, check-boxes, switchers, and so on... This is what we started from initially: we decided to break all the components into elements and places where they are located. Next - delve into the client-server architecture of the application (without it today, nowhere).


    The data on the screen is almost always taken from the query. He can give correct and incorrect answers. It is worth checking the screen separately and in direct interaction with the request. It works the same way with the element.

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  • Business Scenarios


    Example business scenario Launch the application -> We find ourselves on the Authorization screen -> I have an account, Enter the correct login and password -> Log in successfully -> We get to the catalog screen -> Open the details of any book -> Add a book to the basket -> The “add to cart” icon changes to a button “go to cart” -> Go to cart -> There is an added book in the cart -> Proceed to checkout -> Select payment upon receipt, fill in the data at the address -> Checkout successfully -> Order created, the book from the cart is gone, but there is screen entry My orders From business scenarios, we get the opportunity to perform high-quality regression testing and check the application in those places that the user often uses.

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